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At Crosshair Professional LLC we have a passion to help people and this is another way we want to help our local community and hopefully as little as it might be; touch someone so that they may pay it forward in the future. Making for a better community and world. Our kids are our future.

Every year I want to help a kid with furthering there passion with an item, money for classes, books, or whatever can have an impact.

2022: This year Crosshair Professional LLC was able to help a local high schooler; with equipment for photography education. D.Schoo is an aspiring teenager interested in making her impact on the world. We wish her good luck!

Taking candidates information for 2023 NOW. If you have a special story or would like to designate someone for 2023 please send me the information and what/how this would help our youth or the youth candidate. Please provide a short story. 

10 Year Limited Warranty

At Crosshair Professional LLC., we are focused on providing pest control services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We are family oriented, and a local company. Veteran Owned and Operated.

*NOTE: Annual inspections are mandated to keep your warranty. Some homeowners opt to not keep warranty coverage-that does not change product effectiveness, full chemical treatment quality or technique. Cost are currently $85 and subject to increase to match current annual inflation. (I have not raised my price in 7 years but at some point will need to.) This is a requirement to maintain licenses with local and state government, insurances, property tracking and inspections, and mandatory training; so if you needed a treatment 8 yrs from now it would not be false promises made by so many companies. Integrity is paramount and honesty upfront.


Seasonal pest and insects inherent to where you live; are not a problem for us to find a solution for.  We use top shelf products that give you months of pest free worries.  Most homes request inside and outside sprays. Those treatments are priced from $135-$250 typically. Note: Ant treatments are completely different: requiring different active pesticides-termiticides. Ant treatments can kill other pests, but generally seasonal treatments are not highly effective on ants.  We try to find out the solution that works best for you. We can add ant treatment solutions but that is not part of the normal control of inside and outside pest treatments for spiders, silverfish, mosquitoes, wasps etc. 

Termite Treatments and Inspections

We do full chemical treatments. Most of the time the treatments require some drilling to inject below concrete.  Prices change based upon a lot of factors specific to home; but most customers will pay $7-$9 per linear foot. The only termite product we use is Termidor High Efficiency. Termidor HE is the best product on the market for a reason.  We do not believe in bait stations and will not install them. Termite Inspections typically run $95.00.  We do not provide free on-site bids as we do not pay salesman commissions or have that business model.  We can give you very accurate online estimates via satellite measurements.  We do not use repellant termiticides we use non-repellant (killer-transferable) termiticides for the serious homeowner wanting to protect their equity.  We take pride in our work and only do it right or not at all.  Flat rate pricing for every home regardless of size; based upon your linear feet.







-I contacted Travis about a bug issue we are having and he was able to come out the following weekend. Within one night I found several dead bugs and have continued finding dead bugs. I have not seen one bug alive since he came out and sprayed the inside and outside of my home. I am very pleased! If you are looking for an exceptional exterminator to actually eliminate the issue this company is the one to go with!!! He also followed up a few days later asking if we had seen any improvement / dead bugs. I am very very happy I chose to use this company and will continue doing business with them from here on out.-K.Dunfield

-If you are looking for a good honest Company I highly recommend Crosshair Professional.-T. Brown

-We had a HUGE problem with ants in our kitchen. We had others come spray but the ants kept returning. They came to spray once, and since then we haven't seen one ant in our home. Same with spiders...all gone! He's like a pest genius! I highly recommend Crosshair Professional! You won't regret it! -J.Finley 

-Thanks again for the great work you and your crew did today! I will recommend you guys to others in this community. Appreciate your integrity, and trust your operation will be blessed as a result.-J.Ross 

-Thanks so much- Great Job. See you in the Spring Ruthie.

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