Bad industry practices-BEWARE

Posted on January 20, 2017 at 11:25 PM

Was completing a termite inspection today: of an obvious area of termite damage. However just because there is termite damage doesn’t mean the damage is recent; without further inspection. A lot of inspections/inspectors will skip this and move to just treatment recommendations. However this area of damage was about 15 ft wide by 10ft long running to the front window; that then ran down to a stoop (cement slab-your front porch) on the outside. I asked if the basement was finished and like most in the area it was not. So I went to the basement and was able to use a ladder to look further into the foundation boards extending past the foundation wall. See the pictures. It is clear during the construction that the builder extended foundation boards past the cement foundation and there is nothing there but dirt before concrete covering this area. This area seen was not hard to find but the homeowners whom lived there since 1992 never got on a ladder in their basement to see this. Termites were able to move under the stoop and right into feeding on the foundation boards leading the floor and windowsill. Most people are unaware that this is normally a hot location for termites to enter into a home because from the outside it does not look like there is any way possible that this could be the case. One should be on the look-out for companies using a 12-16 inch drill bit in these areas because most of the time there is more concrete poured. Once again look at the pictures. In addition note that the cement goes down further than 12-16 inches. It humored me looking at the outside of the house were holes were drilled from a prior treatment (because they were just holes drilled into the cement and not through to reach the soil). YET the applicator clearly wasn’t using a drill bit on the hammer drill that would go down 18 inches. Which we always use because of this reason. So the person never even injected a termiticide into the soil because their drill bit would not penetrate the depth. Big NO NO! Further few companies have thermal imaging, and to add additional evidence I used thermal imaging (you can see in black) which shows a portion of the termite colony-look at temp on FLIR image along with color. This is an illustration to keep us in mind for quality inspections and treatments. We are honest and very concerned that the home owner had a previous treatment that was fraud. Please forward along and keep in mind; Crosshair Professional LLC Pest and Termite Control; is the only company you should be using if you want done right the first time. Or shop by price and get what you paid for.

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