Great Video on Termite Treatments and the Bait Station Scam

Posted on July 12, 2017 at 7:10 PM

Must watch if you have or ever considered bait stations. Just the other day we had a potential customer get talked into a large company's bait station offering. This was with an active infestation.......shhh! If you do not educate yourself as a consumer you might be left out for the wolves. They commonly pitch an up front cost vs. a chemical treatment. Then explain that after two years of monitoring they will do a chemical treatment if the bait stations don't work. That is after you paid for the bait stations, the chemical refills once the wood is hit on, quarterly checks throughout the year, and a "quality assurance warrant-yearly." Just get it done right the first time people. There is one effective proven way to prevent, or kill termites and it is called Termidor. We use, and we save homes with it. If you think you would like to spend your money on bait stations-buyer beware on how they work. We do not personally treat homes with bait stations-video is great at explaining why we are Certified Termidor Professionals and not bait station scam artist.-Please share to stay away from the scams. This is not an effective treatment in my opinion: this is monitoring only. It is also a great way to attract termites to your home if you don't have them. If you want to see if there are termites in your yard bury a piece of wood next to your home; and see what happens to it over time. Save yourself the money of putting the wood in a buried plastic container, and do it yourself. You might be amazed to find out that indeed your yard does have termites in it. In fact per acre there are six colonies on average. But the last thing you want is to bring them to your home so when they are done eating on that wood in the ground they begin eating on the wood on your home. Pest Control is not rocket science-choose to be a smart homeowner-Hope you enjoy the video

Termite Bait Stations and why they DON'T WORK! | Scam Alert

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