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Here are my prices inside/outside treatment (this is general because I really tailor treatments specific to customer. This can lower or add on to prices depending on homeowner expectations and pesticides requested):

1.Spiders, Mosquitos, Fleas, Wasp, Flies, Nats: $155.00-$185.00 depending on size related to amount of product needed (I haven't been to your house yet). Most homes see 90 day results along with population damage past 90 days. Depending on outside home factors, weather, neighbors’ foliage, your foliage, wetness, sprinkler systems etc. sometimes a home may require a second treatment-probably in the 5% range of customers. So one should know that up front although rare.

2. Ants start at $185-$225. Ant treatments are specific to the species and are not intended to treat other insects. Normally if you have ants there is a reason such as season, foliage, increased annual population requiring sugar or protein for the colony. (I need to find out more about your problem) ants can require many different treatment styles so the price really varies on if; it can be included in what is above; or something else is needed now or during a certain season. Ants can have a significant treatment cost increase; because there is about a dozen different types of ants we like to group as one group. This makes a huge difference in success of treatment and how or what type of technique is used. Ex. Broadcast spraying, Crack and crevice treatments, baits, gels, foam injection, ground injection, granulues, etc. Normally homeowners need to be aggressive with DIY and professional treatments to lower populations. Including pruning foliage, open windows, caulking bottom of siding or cracks in foundation etc.-if not they will be back next year. (I want to provide solutions to homeowners that gives long lasting results-not wanting to have you pay for continuous treaments; that seem never ending)

3. Ticks or grass laden insects: I can spray close to the house with my license but I cannot treat entire property if there is a lot of land (This is because the Department of Agriculture regulations on licenses) This would require a turf/ornamental license (cat3) and I am licensed in 7a/7b which General Structural Pest and Wood destroying Insects. I would like to add someone Cat3 is licensed to do what I do up to house and in entire yard/acreage but typically use very diluted products more designed for grubs and grass disease. If it is spraying around the house I would add another $15 onto the pest above. If the ticks are within 10 feet of the foundation the property it is included already.

4. Field mice/home mice: Need to get more information on if they are active and description of problem. Sometimes I recommend a company with a wildlife biologist that is really good at this specific niche.

Note: Stink bugs are an invasive species and are nearly impossible to get rid of. Really all anyone can do is lower the population and keep windows, and doors shut and sealed.

Note: Oak mites in the shells are immune to pesticide penetration.

**Few other insects in these categories that either come out short lived, or people are better off maintaining integrated pest management non-pesticide measures. Example would be pirate bug (bites in late summer or fall-lives 3 weeks then dies; however it eats insect larvae at the dirt in your grass so it is not good to kill-or I would not recommend killing them)


I charge $7-$9 a linear foot (that is the measurement 360 degrees around your home); using Termidor High Efficiency. I refuse to use baits or any other product for termite treatments. You have repellent termiticides that last 2-5yrs or non-repellant (ergo killer termiticides or Termidor which last a very very long time). Generic termiticides have been studied with the adjuvants in them to not be able to bond and dissolve the same way (so I do not use them because the liability risk to a homeowner being to great for re-infestation.)

Termites-Here is a good website to understand the differences and has good information on termite treatments ( .) -*note I am not endorsing all information on the link but it is a good link for consumer education on what it out there! I use a non-repellent (Termidor HE) and do the full chemical treatment. Is it more expensive at cost yes, but so is good quality paint if you were having your house painted. There are a lot of factors in a home like the amount of concrete that abuts up to a home that has to be drilled through (every 18 inches on average) or whether termites have already penetrated and interior concrete seam sub-level (additional labor because increases linear feet treated and process of treatment). But considering the average cost (strictly exterior treatment-with no active termites, or active termites limited to outside structure) I charge between $6.50-$9 per linear feet (this prevents them from ever damaging the home or coming inside on seams or stoop).

My cost includes: the labor, SDS-Max drill bit(s) 1/2 hole [normally will break one or two on a home}, use of wear and tear of High Pressure Injector trailer with B&G injector, cork-seal-and patch work, and the premium termiticide. The termite treatment is backed by a ten year warranty-there are consistent studies showing 15-20+ years of soil residual from US Forestry (Which is the agency that test termiticides)(also there is a difference in the residual of wood absorption vs soil residual-feel free to ask). However an important note is in order to keep the factory back warranty: it requires annual inspections; in which I charge $85 Annually-subject to match rising inflation. Some customers don't care because they plan to live in the home longer (hence don't want an inspection causing a default on the warranty), some want to keep the warranty because it is transferrable to new homeowner, if they plan on selling (homesales require a treatment if home has not had one in the past five years typically and moving that direction with the NPMA-33 for and NPMA guidance to mortgage companies); but I recommend it because sometimes homeowners might disrupt a treatment zone ergo excavation, stacking bad wood up against their home, backfilling with infected soil (seen it), landscaping etc (and that area should be retreated at that site specifically).

Hope that answered your question. There is no hook and ladder with me or upselling-just flat rate price I have calculated on my cost to provide the treatment; informing the customer, and doing it right or not at all. I know this is lengthy but I wanted to be informative. Please check out that website with good information. Also might prompt some questions that I could help answer too. I take great pride in my work and consider it an honor for customers to believe in me to provide the best service and treatment available.

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